OsteoSurge® Demineralized Bone Matrix

Our OsteoSurge®  grafts combine demineralized bone matrix with patented Accell® bone matrix and cancellous bone in a bioresorbable, reverse phase medium carrier. Provided in an open-bore syringe, the putty is moldable, resists irrigation and includes cancellous chips.

Compressible Bone Matrix

Our compressible bone matrix is demineralized cancellous bone with osteoinductive and osteoconductive properties. Derived entirely from human bone, its naturally porous structure has sponge-like handling characteristics.

IsoTis Cancellous Bone

Our Cancellous Bone, in chips and crushed, is a natural osteoconductive scaffold. The porous, three-dimensional structure supports boney ingrowth.

IsoTis Mozaik™ Putty | Morsels

Our IsoTis Mozaik™ is a compression-resistant, osteoconductive scaffold composed of purified collagen and β-TCP. The matrix readily hydrates with bone marrow aspirate.


Shoreline® ACS System

The Shoreline® ACS System is a premier product, providing TruProfile™ and No-Profile cervical spinal fixation and realignment, with ultimate system flexibility, construct modularity, and refined instrumentation.


The Cabo™ ACP system was designed to provide surgeons with confidence in the surgical construct. The low profile plate combined with large graft viewing windows and visual confirmation locking system, provide reassurance that patient safety, accurate plate placement, and construct strength are priority number one.


Mariner® Pedicle Screw System

The Mariner® Pedicle Screw System is a premier pedicle screw system featuring modular threaded technology, with thoughtfully designed instrumentation, packaged in a streamlined offering designed to provide surgeons with Strength in Versatility to facilitate posterior lumbar fixation.


Vu a•POD™ Prime NanoMetalene®

Our Vu a•POD™ Prime NanoMetalene® system features a zero profile, stand-alone anterior lumbar interbody which combines titanium and PEEK to deliver an interbody solution with the best of both materials and design for fusion. The Vu a•POD Prime NanoMetalene implant can be configured in a variety of footprint and lordotic combinations to accommodate an individual patient’s pathology.

NewPort™ System

Our NewPort™ system combines the Malibu™ systems approach with new instrumentation to create a user-friendly, intuitive MIS fixation system. Small-diameter, extended-tab screws minimize instrumentation and allow for smaller incisions.