Amniotic Tissue

Artacent Wound

Artacent Wound is the only wound-specific amniotic patch that can be applied with either side facing the wound. Amniotic tissues are safe, natural biologic barriers, with native membranes supplying a wide array of growth factors. The unique design of Artacent Wound allows for easy manipulation and repositioning, making it a flexible, dependable option for a variety of wound covering applications.

Artacent Flex

Artacent Flex is processed with the epithelial layer of the native membrane facing out on both sides, creating an ideal gliding surface for adjacent tissues. Amniotic tissue grafts have been reported in literature to improve surgical outcomes by reducing fibrosis, preventing adhesions and providing native growth factors. The grafts create an ideal environment conducive to the regeneration of healthy tissue.

Artacent Ocular

Artacent Ocular is a wound covering designed for use in the eye. 100 percent pure amniotic tissue without rigid, foreign substances that may cause discomfort to the patient.

Non-Amniotic Allografts

Compressible Bone Matrix

Compressible Bone Matrix is made of 100 percent cancellous bone. It can compress to half its size then re-expand to fill tight space bone voids.

Bowline DBM

Promote bone growth with natural, bone morphogenetic proteins. The Bowline Demineralized Bone Matrix (DBM) contains natural bone morphogenetic proteins (BMPs), including BMP-2 and BMP-7, which stimulate the production of new bone. Formats, including DBM Putty and Crunch Putty, also serve as scaffolds for new bone growth.