Titan Spine offers a full line of interbody fusion devices featuring its surface technology. The proprietary ENDOSKELETON® interbody devices are designed to promote bony ongrowth, optimize intervertebral stability, allow for increased bone graft material, and permit excellent visualization on postoperative CT and MRI scans.

Device Features:

  • SURFACE TECHNOLOGY:  Proprietary textured macro surface on the superior and inferior surfaces provide strong initial bone purchase.  Micro and cellular textures on all surfaces support multi-axial new bone growth.
  • UNIQUE SHAPES:  Enable majority of the devices to be placed on the apophyseal ring, the strongest portion of the vertebral endplate, to preserve endplate integrity and reduce the risk of implant subsidence.
  • LARGE WINDOWS:  Devices utilize less material and feature extremely large windows for excellent postoperative radiographic visualization and fusion evaluation, as well as increased bone graft volume.  Furthermore, side windows allow for additional bone growth in the axial plane, unlike traditional interbody devices that only allow for cephalad/caudal bone growth.
  • SIMPLIFIED SURGICAL TECHNIQUE: The ENDOSKELETON® line of devices is supported by simple, intuitive instrumentation for easy and consistent implantation. The devices are available in a variety of sizes to accommodate various patient anatomies.