The bio-ConneKt® Wound Matrix is a collagen-based wound dressing for the local management of moderately- to heavily-exuding wounds. Some common types of wounds that bio-ConneKt® Wound Matrix addresses are: full and partial thickness wounds, draining wounds, tunneling wounds, pressure sores/ulcers, venous ulcers, chronic vascular ulcers, diabetic ulcers, trauma wounds (e.g. abrasions, lacerations, partial thickness burns, skin tears), and surgical wounds (e.g. donor sites/grafts, post-laser surgery, post-Mohs’ surgery, podiatric wounds, dehisced surgical incisions).

The Bio-ConneKt® Wound Matrix is a next generation, all biologic, FDA 510(k) cleared wound dressing. It is comprised of reconstituted type I collagen that is stabilized, sterilized to SAL 10-6 and stored at room temperature.

Product Features:

  • Stabilized collagen to prevent premature digestion in wound bed
  • Porous matrix to enable optimal host cell infiltration
  • Easily conformable to ensure maximum contact with wound bed
  • Material designed to minimize repeat application
  • Hydrophillic scaffold to facilitate rapid fluid absorption